The Verbrugghen Hall of Sydney Conservatorium of Music


Sydney Conservatorium of Music is a music institute attached to Sydney University, and it is one of the most famous and venerable music institutes in Australia. Besides, it is at Sydney Conservatorium of Music that the first symphony orchestra and string quartet group of Sydney were founded. Verbrugghen Hall is the biggest venue at Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Equipped with special sound facilities designed by Kirkegaard Associates (from Chicago, America), it is an excellent venue for orchestra, chamber and solo concerts.

Glebe Town Hall


Built in 1880, Glebe Town hall is a classic of Victorian free and classical style. It combines modern atmosphere with elegance and solemnity. And its grandeur and uniqueness make it the best venue for workshop.

Centennial Hall of Sydney City Hall

Built in 1869, Sydney Town Hall which is opposite the Queen Victoria Building and next to St. Andrea's Cathedral , is a perfect Victorian construction. The Centennial Hall of Sydney Town Hall is the first music hall of Sydney. And the huge organ with 8000 branch pipes was made in London and then shipped to Australia in 1890.It has been impressing people with its inexplicably wonderful sound effect. All those important musical performances were staged at the Centennial Hall until the building of Sydney Opera House.

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