Feedback from the Philharmonic Society Mantzaros

Feedback from the Philharmonic Society Mantzaros

Back to Corfu, I tried to find the routine, which was not that easy, because all the people I met in the street kept asking. What happened in Vienna was not only of local importance, but of great significance to Greeks. All newspapers, radios, and TV programs from all over the country were curious about this amazing success.

We came back home with 2 awards. In this aspect, we not only represented Corfu, but the whole Greece. When we came back, we were like Olympic Game winners. I would like to deliver this joyful message to everybody. I couldn't recite all the comments people sent on Facebook. It is great! This shows how necessary it is to have, as a country in a terrible crisis, a "successful story", for this helps the morale of the people! I would like to express the same feelings on behalf of Dr. Trivizas, the President of the Philharmonic Society Mantzaros and also from our wonderful awarded Conductor Sokrates Anthis. You have also been very helpful to us.

-------- The Greek Philharmonic Society Mantzaros 


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