Offer for the World Orchestra Festival 2021

One future, our better future ! Welcome to the World Orchestra Festival !
Welcome to the world's capital of music - Vienna !

To ensure the on-time participation at the festival's rich activities and the smooth run, we offer you the all around service package for your participation at the festival. The price below includes the following services:

1.One English-speaking local escort accompanying your orchestra during the festival;

2.Participation at the festival, according to the defined program;

3.Certificates and Trophies;

4.Tickets for concerts of the festival. Application for the tickets must be sent to the festival's committee in advance. Subject to the availability of the concert's tickets.

5.Music dinner and party;

6.Accommodation in Vienna in the hotel of your choice (please look at the price chat below), with breakfast in your hotel;

7.Lunch and dinner in the local restaurants for 5 days (the arrival day and the 4 days during the festival);

8.Photos and video clips shot by our professional photographs and Video team during the festival, against extra payment by your side (detailed offer available);

9.Public transport in Vienna (bus, subway, tram etc), for 6 days (the arrival day, the 4 days during the festival, and the departure day just after the festival);

For offer and price, please contact the Organizing Committee of the World Orchestra Festival.
"One Future" World Orchestra Festival
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