The Competition Categories for String and Symphonic Orchestras

For a string orchestra:
2 movements of Divertimento in D major (KV136) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

For a symphonic orchestra:

2 movements of symphony No. 29 in A-Major (KV 201) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

1) Each orchestra has to play as follows:
a. the music piece appointed by the Festival Artistic Committee as above.
b. 1 music piece, free choice by the orchestra itself;

2) The total time of the performance has to be less than 15 minutes. In case the total time of the 2 compositions is much less than 15 minutes, the orchestra can play an additional composition at its free choice.

3) orchestras must meet the age requirements. Max. 10% of the orchestra members of each orchestra are allowed to exceed the age limit.

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