“One Future” 

The World Orchestra Festival

Whatever skin color we have, we are the new generation; wherever we were born, we are part of the earth. Although we speak different languages, we have different religions, we are from uneven wealth families, we all should have one future: a beautiful, harmonic and peaceful future! 

For symphony orchestras, wind and brass bands, folk music orchestras, percussion ensembles of the young generation from all over the world, “One Future -- The World Orchestra Festival” provides a platform to celebrating, communicating, learning, competing, establishing and deepening friendship with each other.

Prof. Helmut Zehetner, the world renowned conducting educator of the conducting department of University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, leads the artistic committee of the festival. As one of the most famous music conservatories in the world, the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna has been providing unique theories, rigorous techniques and methods in teaching. Nowadays many music stars and experts were graduated from the university. The conducting department of the university owns a legendary history and has brought up a series of famous conductors such as Herbert von Karajan, Zubin Mehta, Claudio Abbado.

For the participating orchestras, professors of University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, members of the world famous orchestra “The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra” and other renowned musicians and educators will hold workshops/master classes which give the young musician a good chance to get in touch with the world top music educators and learn advanced method and superb performance skills which will build a solid base for the future development.

Even competition is not the ultimate goal of the festival, but to encourage further development of the orchestras and their members, the festival provides an open and fair chance for orchestras, by their own style, to present themselves in a way of competition. The jury consists of Prof. Helmut Zehetner, members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, renowned Austrian musicians and music educators.

The festival provides a world top stage for the young musicians to present themselves. Either the Haydn Hall in the Esterházy Palace in the home town of Josef Haydn, Liszt Cultural Center Music Hall in the birth house of Franz Liszt, Concert hall of Vienna Boys’ Choir, or the famous Golden Hall of Musikverein, these world top concert halls are perfect places for the young musicians to train, to present and to unfold their talents.

The festival is organized annually in Vienna in the Summer, in co-operation with and supported by the World Organization for Promoting Music and Arts Education, the world famous orchestra “The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra”, Vienna municipal government, Provincial government of Burgenland,  Vienna Boys’ Choir, Haydn Foundation and Liszt Cultural Center, and a series of further government authorities, NGO organizations and enterprises.

It is said that one can smell the music notes even in the air of Vienna. Now let’s breathe the music in Vienna, be inspired by the culture and tradition of Austria, and let’s make a contribution to the world peace and our future!

"One Future -- The World Orchestra Festival” welcomes you!

"One Future" World Orchestra Festival
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