• Dr. Heinz Fischer

    Former President of the Republic of Austria

    Our world is getting increasingly smaller, owing to modern traffic means and communication technologies. We are, as it were, living in global village with different cultures, traditions, and ways of life. Yet, we do have one common language: music ...

  • Dr. Michael Häupl

    Former Mayor and Governor of Vienna

    Dear friends of orchestral music, I am very proud that the World Orchestra Festival takes place in Austria for the first time in 2013. Austria has a long tradition of music, and Vienna has always ...

  • Dr. Walter Reicher

    Secretary General of International Foundation of Joseph Haydn

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren! Liebe TeilnehmerInnen des The World Orchestra Festival! Kommunikation ist die Voraussetzung fr Verstndnis, fr Verstehen und Musik ist Kommunikation. Schon Joseph Haydn wies auf die universelle Sprache der ...

  • Prof. Helmut Zehetner

    The President of the Artistic Committee

    One Future-The World Orchestra Festival Dear young musicians! It is a great pleasure for me to see all of you - from different countries of the world - to come to Vienna in Summer and participate in the One Future - The World Orchestra ...

  • Prof. Daniel Froschauer

    Chairman of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

    Dear Young Musicians, it is a pleasure to welcome you to Vienna, the City of Music, where so many famous conductors and composers have lived and imbibed their musical inspiration. For more than 176 years, the Vienna Philharmonic has offered outstanding ...

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